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CapitalRisqueur TV

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Powering Social Finance Communities, A Zeriously Fun Place To Change The World


The Contingency Market

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a trading platform behind T'DAA! and QuidMusic.

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CommunityLend is bringing social lending to Canada

What is CommunityLend? CommunityLend is exactly what it sounds like. An online community where people can lend money directly to other people in a safe and secure way. It is an exciting and unique lending service for Canadians that will revolutionize the way lending works in Canada.

We are not a bank, in fact, we believe that we’re a better alternative. We are the facilitators of a lending community whose sole purpose is to give its members a better deal than they could otherwise get from a traditional financial services company. Lenders can get better returns on their hard earned money and borrowers can get lower interest rates on loans and more flexible payment options. Everybody wins and the returns are kept in the community. That’s just the start. CommunityLend is so much more still.

We are moving full speed ahead to make our beta launch available for early 2008 with regulatory work, technical development, and market planning all underway.



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FundRazr is the Social fundraising app

Got a cause that you and your friends care about? Create a FundRazr for it in just a few minutes—for FREE. Add your own story, picture, video, and style. Then share on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Wherever they see your FundRazr, your friends can donate instantly and help you spread the word.

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