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Mobillcash is an m-commerce billing platform that integrates with network operators around the world, making it possible for consumers to pay for online services and products with their mobile phone.

In much the same way that an e-commerce billing platform takes payment from a credit or debit card, Mobillcash m-commerce billing platform takes payment from a mobile phone.

This unique billing system gives online merchants the ability to take payments from any user that has a mobile device - no debit, credit card or bank account is required.

Spare Change

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The first and largest
micro-payments system
for social networks!
How It Works    
Spare Change is simple. Users fund their Spare Change account with their credit card, PayPal, bank acccount or mobile phone - or complete marketing offers and surveys. Users use Spare Change instantly on all of their favorite social network applications.



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Frictionless mobile payment for your app

Get more customers to buy from you with Zong. All your customer needs is a mobile phone to make a payment. Over 70% of the global online audience does not have a credit card, but most all of them have a mobile phone. Zong gives you a new way to expand your customer base by providing an easier way to pay.

Converts 10 times better than credit card

Zong's frictionless user experience gets real results. Our customers have seen conversion rates skyrocket after adding Zong as a payment option. No billing address, no expiration date, no 16-digit card number to type. Just type something you know by heart: your mobile number.


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Paymo is the leading mobile payment network for online merchants, allowing consumers anywhere in the world to buy online and pay with their mobile phone. 70% of the world's online population has no credit card. Paymo opens the door to 3+billion new consumers for your business.

aKos Technology Corporation

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 aKos Technology Corporation is the pioneering force behind the emergence of mobile remittances. By marrying wireless services and money-transfer technology, we enable wireless carriers to offer remittance services to their subscribers. As a result, individuals can send money internationally from their mobile phone and recipients can receive those funds in cash at merchants they already frequent. Now, wireless carriers can take part in the multi-billion dollar global remittance market.

Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS)

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Fee based web payments system for web and mobile application developers. "Flexible" means that it allows a wide array of arrangements and payment types. Possibly suitable for a "P2PMoney" system...

Mobile Payement

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- By Philippe Lerouge, a Crandy rep


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i-transfert SocGen

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