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MyAzimia is a start-up company that provides tailor made solutions to the microfinance and P2P micro-lending industry niche. We have an excellent understanding of the P2P lending and microfinance sectors and our fully fledged front to back end solution reflects this.


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Instead of lending your money to your bank, with RateSetter you lend it directly to other people (to get a better return on your money)

Instead of borrowing from a bank, with RateSetter you borrow directly from other people (keeping the cost of borrowing down)



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Obtenez un crédit d'un maximum de 25.000 euros sur 3 ans à un taux de 5.53% en présentant votre projet sur internet .


Participez au financement de projets qui vous sont proches, prêtez à des entrepreneurs et recevez des intérêts sur vos prêts à hauteur de 4.5%.


Accélérez le développement de l'entrepreneuriat


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LendFolio, the first Peer-to-Peer lending platform in NYC 
LendFolio is a peer to peer lending platform that connects prime borrowers with good credit background and wise investors seeking higher returns.
Through our online platform we enable borrowers to reduce drastically the interest paid on their loan. Indeed the Annual Percentage Rates on lendfolio start as low as 8%.

Lendfolio is also a new Asset Class which allows investors to diversify and optimize their portfolio. 


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Quakle is a virtual market place where you can lend money to people you know, in a structured but friendly way, thus helping them to achieve their goals. It cuts out the bank costs so that everyone gets a better deal. So why not get involved and make the credit market more sustainable?

Lending Hub

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Lending Hub - Get an Online Personal Loan from your Friends and Family Network

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Lending Hub is an innovative 'social lending' or 'peer to peer lending' platform for personal online borrowing and lending.

Social Lending (also known as person-to-person, Peer to Peer or P2P lending) is where individuals can borrow or lend money to each other through Lending Hub's social lending platform. We basically cut out the banks to allow you to tap into your network of friends, family, colleagues and mates to get a simple online personal loan at the best possible rates (using our loan bidding system).



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Lendit. Where borrowers meet lenders.

Frustrated by low returns on your bank deposits? Sick and tired of having to beg the bank for money? Lendit puts people with money in touch with people, like them, that need money.

Cut out the fat cats. Lenders and borrowers win.


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How  it works

Neobanx enables you to connect with people you know for lending and borrowing money. We make lending between friends and family safe, professional, and mutually beneficial.

Our service handles the loan administration and legal documentation, automates payment transfers, and even provides access to insurances to cover your payments if something goes wrong.

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