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Bay Bucks

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A successful Michigan, USA based venture to create a local paper currency.

Social Lending Watch

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SocialLendingWatch.com (SLW) exists to provide timely, relevant, and objective information focused exclusively on the Web 2.0 phenomenon known as Social / P2P Lending.

SLW is focused on educating its readers - including potential borrowers and lenders - on the services being offered by companies in web-based Social Lending, and providing information and resources for people to make informed decisions.

SLW is tracking, with interest, the emergence of Social Lending services particularly in the markets of the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe.



BankStatic Master Feed

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The trimmed down version of the BankStatic All Star Feed

BankStatic All Star Feed

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An RSS feed aggregated a collection of posts on banking (mostly retail and payments)


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b&f-watch-wiki: wiki-node

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the b&f-watch-wiki in center-wikis:

Bank 2.0

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by Martina Goehring and Martin Engstler


Thomas Purves


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