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Today, there is a lot of emerging applications going trough changes, araising, or using web 2.0 technologies. The finance sector is looking forward to take these web 2.0 technologies and adapt them to its system. One of these web 2.0 technologies is FACEBOOK. What application can give the finance sector (banks) to this technology? What advantage can take banks from FACEBOOK?

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FaceBook's or Wesabe's likes?

Colin has been extensively talking aboutthe impact of social networks like FaceBook on the banking system http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=facebook+site%3Athebankwatch.com.

FaceBook's declared intention is to map realactual reslationship between individuals, so that should make it a good platform for financial exchanges. I'm for one is quite dubious on the relative value add of FaceBook and wonder if this will not fade with time (remember of MySpace).

I don't know if finance the social network way will not happen in fact at dedicated sites (think Wesabe here).

My two cents, with no interest rates attached.

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