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Enjoy my blog about Mobile Banking & Trading solutions ! The blog focuses on the EMEA and US markets. To contact me :


Interactive City Research: the future of Banking

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This studio investigates the effects of digitalization on architectural typology and the contemporary city. In our first year 2006/07, we examine the changes of one particular typology: the architecture of banking. We question the fundamental concept of what a bank is today, and develop architectural strategies for its potential futures.

Social Lending Watch

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Excerpt from site: (SLW) exists to provide timely, relevant, and objective information focused exclusively on the Web 2.0 phenomenon known as Social / P2P Lending.

SLW is focused on educating its readers - including potential borrowers and lenders - on the services being offered by companies in web-based Social Lending, and providing information and resources for people to make informed decisions.

SLW is tracking, with interest, the emergence of Social Lending services particularly in the markets of the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe.




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Personal finance observation, musing and decisions in a journey toward financial independence by 36 with at least $1 million.

Bank 2.0

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by Martina Goehring and Martin Engstler

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by Claus Lehmann

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by Arnaud Hacquin

Mobile Payement

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- By Philippe Lerouge, a Crandy rep

Le blog-note d'Eric Bugnon

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