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Crowdrise is about volunteering, raising money for charity and having the most fun in the world while doing it. Go here to see a beautiful picture showing How Crowdrise Works. Go here if you want to see an even more beautiful Picture of a Napkin.


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GiveForward is the easiest way to help a loved one in need

GiveForward pages empower friends and family to send love and financial support to patients as they navigate a medical crisis. Create a page today to spread hope and contribute to a loved one's out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Crowd About Now


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FundRazr is the Social fundraising app

Got a cause that you and your friends care about? Create a FundRazr for it in just a few minutes—for FREE. Add your own story, picture, video, and style. Then share on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Wherever they see your FundRazr, your friends can donate instantly and help you spread the word.

Podium Funds

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PODIUM provides the opportunity to make a difference in my investment and my community.

PODIUM Participation Funds Calgary is a crowdfunding platform geared at transparency, accountability and measurability. Shareholders collectively choose which businesses they fund, influence and monitor. It's how we're creating a prosperous Calgary.



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Connecting Minds. Funding Ideas!


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Crowdfunding creative projects and ideas

Australia’s 1st crowdfunding platform developed for creative individuals, groups and organisations


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Funding platform for entrepreneurs, artists, charities, journalists and inventors


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Welcome to your platform for grassroots crowdfunding.

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