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what Thrive does

  • get organized

    We organize all your accounts in one place and show you what's important.

  • advice just for you

    Get personalized advice to reduce debt, save money and start investing.

  • plan ahead

    Tell us what you want to do and we'll tell you how to get there.


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Saving Will Never Be The Same!™

SmartyPig is a simple, smart, fun way to save for a specific goal. Using groundbreaking technology and the latest in security standards, SmartyPig allows you to invite family and friends to contribute to your account, gives you additional incentive boosts from top retailers who sell exactly what you’re saving for AND *4.30% (APY) interest on the money you’re saving. Simple, Smart, Savings. SmartyPig!



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TIGER 21 is the nation’s premier peer-to-peer learning group for high-net-worth investors. We help members build the skill set to successfully transition from focused entrepreneurs to disciplined managers of wealth. Participating in professionally-facilitated, 10-12 person groups, our members meet monthly to harness the varied expertise and collective intelligence of their peers in high-energy, day-long sessions.


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Welcome to Pertuity

At Pertuity, we believe that your financial life should be uncluttered and straight forward. Not spread thin, complicated, or uncertain. That’s why we give you access to unbiased financial tools and options and make the most useful financial information transparent and available to you – the consumer.

Why are we doing this? Because we are a band of consumers just like you! We recognize that we can achieve so much more than we currently are, with our hard earned money. Above and beyond the need for high quality service from our financial providers, we’ve grappled with some tough questions like:

• How do we make our dollars work harder to increase and maximize the return on our investments?
• How do we obtain the best possible interest rates?
• How do we access credible, fully transparent bank and credit card information?

We launched Pertuity with these thoughts in mind, and invite you to browse our site, learn more, and take the first step towards realizing your financial potential.

Read up on our blogs and visit our expert advice section for the latest thinking on financial matters. Try out our Dare to CompareSM widget for first-time insights. Make Pertuity your preferred portal to make your money work for you.

Remember to check back with us regularly, as we gear up towards our launch in early 2008; when we will bring to market a disruptive set of  products that will uncomplicate your life, simplify your money and free your dreams.



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Know where
your money goes!

Effortlessly track and visualize your spending.
Visualize those dreadful credit card statements in
exciting new ways



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Know the bottom line, experience higher profits 

Digital Insight (Intuit)

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Jwaala was started in 2006 with a simple goal in mind – to use the power of technology innovation to provide great solutions to Credit Unions and their Members. To accomplish this goal, Jwaala has brought together a team of experienced and passionate software innovators, and partnered with forward looking and innovative Credit Unions.


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[Regenerosity] "is a system for recognition of voluntary service, philanthropy & gift, civic engagement, trade, commerce, work, and any other contributions to the social capital and local economy of our communities. If you are a member of any community, whether as a person, as a non-profit organization, or as a for-profit business, there is something in it for you. As a person, you receive recognition for voluntarism, philanthropy, civic service, and many other types of community-building participation. As a non-profit organization, you receive tools for volunteer & donor recognition and access to untapped sources of support. As a for-profit business, you receive tools for customer loyalty & econometrics and access to untapped sources of working capital. As a school, you receive interactive tools for teaching economics & civics and for promoting community service. Everyone receives tools for measurement and analysis of social capital (their own and that of their communities) and practical tools to build community self-reliance and sustainable local economy, including community-based mutual credit systems.

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