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Micro-Lending regulation in EU

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a 2000 study, still interesting

Todo list...

Fix margins in TinyMCE

Podium Funds

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PODIUM provides the opportunity to make a difference in my investment and my community.

PODIUM Participation Funds Calgary is a crowdfunding platform geared at transparency, accountability and measurability. Shareholders collectively choose which businesses they fund, influence and monitor. It's how we're creating a prosperous Calgary.



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Helping groups collect and manage money.


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French offshoot of

The Stock Moose

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If you had $10,000 to invest for the next 3 months, where would you put your money?


Added "Buddylist"

...which can be renamed to something else besides "buddylist" if we want.... Wanted to experiment with social networking as a dimension in this application. We can remove if we don't think it's useful.

Some fo the things it allows you to do

  • Invite new users and add them as connections
  • Allows you to see recent posts of your connections

Also could eventually lend itself to some form of visualization in the future



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Quakle is a virtual market place where you can lend money to people you know, in a structured but friendly way, thus helping them to achieve their goals. It cuts out the bank costs so that everyone gets a better deal. So why not get involved and make the credit market more sustainable?




Finextra's blogs


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Avec fini la galère des cadeaux à plusieurs !

Collectez des fonds en toute sécurité avec vos amis puis rendez vous sur nos sites e-commerces partenaires ! Vous avez également la possibilité de retirer le montant de votre cagnotte, c’est aussi simple que ça !