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Wonderbank is a Mobile Banking solution that focuses on routine operations. Wonderbank is designed for banks that want to accelerate the ROI on established banking and financial applications, and build a differentiated competitive advantage :  customers can make payments, review their balance, transfer money and check recent transactions with any handset.


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With Wizzit, you have a bank in your pocket.


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The newest member of the BarCampBank family, BarCampMoneyNYC, is being held on Saturday, April 12th 2008 on the isleand of Manhattan in New York City. Please go to the site for full details. Apologies for not following the naming convention, we launched before discovering the BarCampBank community.

Mobile Banking & Trading blog

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Enjoy my blog about Mobile Banking & Trading solutions ! The blog focuses on the EMEA and US markets. To contact me :


FreePay - Une Banque Libre (Free Banking)

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en Français:

FreePay est une solution bancaire libre en ligne, basé sur les standards financiers ainsi que les normes bancaires européennes, qui associe un marché libre, les codes BIC / SWIFT, IBAN, paiement électronique libre, validation de carte de crédit, ecommerce et Bourse de libre-échange par enchère.

Cette solution à la particularité d'être sous une licence libre (la GNU GPL). Elle se base sur des standards ouverts élaborées par l'Organisation internationale de normalisation (ISO) et le European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS). Elle référence 412 institutions de bourses et de marchés réglementés par l'ISO. Parmi elles, Euronext, le Tokyo Stock Exchange, le Nasdaq, le London Stock Exchange etc Elle attribue des codes universels d' identification aux banques libres. Elle fournit des numéros IBAN à ses clients dans près de 40 pays européens. Les paiements se font à partir d'un simple courriel et sans aucune commission. De plus, elle reconnait les principales cartes de crédit (Mastercard, Visa) pour des achats sur Internet.

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FreePay is a online free banking solution based on public banking and european financial standards which associate free market, BIC / SWIFT Code, IBAN, free payment, credit card number validation, ecommerce and Stock Exchange Market. This is a free software available under the GNU GPL (available in French language only at this time)

Interactive City Research: the future of Banking

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This studio investigates the effects of digitalization on architectural typology and the contemporary city. In our first year 2006/07, we examine the changes of one particular typology: the architecture of banking. We question the fundamental concept of what a bank is today, and develop architectural strategies for its potential futures.


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Jwaala was started in 2006 with a simple goal in mind – to use the power of technology innovation to provide great solutions to Credit Unions and their Members. To accomplish this goal, Jwaala has brought together a team of experienced and passionate software innovators, and partnered with forward looking and innovative Credit Unions.


Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS)

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Fee based web payments system for web and mobile application developers. "Flexible" means that it allows a wide array of arrangements and payment types. Possibly suitable for a "P2PMoney" system...


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The idea is to have an online community currency. (Or, hundreds of them.) Joining LETS and GETS by doing

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