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Babyloan, what's that ?

First french website facilitating online micro-lending to microentrepreneurs in developing countries.
Interactive, fun, educational website on microfinance.
Community of Babyloanians, free to share their ideas on development

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Babyloan, how ?
Choose the microentrepreneurs you want to support, provide them with a micro loan, follow your money and its impact, and get reimbursed...
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Babyloan, who's that ?

Babyloan is Arnaud, Aurélie, Julia, Paul, Enrique, John, Kristina, Huang, Ines....
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Babyloan, why ?
Because you lend rather  than give  charity, choose whom you want to support, follow your money and know the impact  of your loan
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We went live today with our website.  ZimpleMoney's first revenue module is a simple family and friend lending tool that can be used for administering, billing and collecting loans. Register at and keep abreast of our progress. 

Steve Rabago, ZEO


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All you need to use Twitpay is a Twitter account. If you don't have one then go sign up now at Twitter and come on back. We'll wait for you.

The Receivables Exchange

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  • The Receivables Exchange is a new capital market where small and mid-sized businesses (Sellers) will be able to sell their receivables to a global network of institutional investors (Buyers) to gain access to working capital in as little as two days, as compared to the typical receivable remittance term of 44 days.
  • It's a must for small- and mid-size businesses seeking capital and an untapped opportunity for institutional investors seeking stable, high-growth investments.


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what Thrive does

  • get organized

    We organize all your accounts in one place and show you what's important.

  • advice just for you

    Get personalized advice to reduce debt, save money and start investing.

  • plan ahead

    Tell us what you want to do and we'll tell you how to get there.


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Stock Alerts - What I need to know,
when I need to know it


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Wonderbank is a Mobile Banking solution that focuses on routine operations. Wonderbank is designed for banks that want to accelerate the ROI on established banking and financial applications, and build a differentiated competitive advantage :  customers can make payments, review their balance, transfer money and check recent transactions with any handset.


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With Wizzit, you have a bank in your pocket.


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Powering Social Finance Communities, A Zeriously Fun Place To Change The World

Short description: is the friends-and-family funding network for entrepreneurs! Loans for small businesses.