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The Street Market is a free online market where entrepreneurs showcase their project and capital needs to investors.

The Street Market offers an international exposure, efficient and inovative communication tools to Entrepreneurs.

The Street Market is a free-efficient tool to find national and international investment opportunities.



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CommunityLend is bringing social lending to Canada

What is CommunityLend? CommunityLend is exactly what it sounds like. An online community where people can lend money directly to other people in a safe and secure way. It is an exciting and unique lending service for Canadians that will revolutionize the way lending works in Canada.

We are not a bank, in fact, we believe that we’re a better alternative. We are the facilitators of a lending community whose sole purpose is to give its members a better deal than they could otherwise get from a traditional financial services company. Lenders can get better returns on their hard earned money and borrowers can get lower interest rates on loans and more flexible payment options. Everybody wins and the returns are kept in the community. That’s just the start. CommunityLend is so much more still.

We are moving full speed ahead to make our beta launch available for early 2008 with regulatory work, technical development, and market planning all underway.



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We connect startups with Micro-Investors 



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TIGER 21 is the nation’s premier peer-to-peer learning group for high-net-worth investors. We help members build the skill set to successfully transition from focused entrepreneurs to disciplined managers of wealth. Participating in professionally-facilitated, 10-12 person groups, our members meet monthly to harness the varied expertise and collective intelligence of their peers in high-energy, day-long sessions.


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Australian p2p lending service


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What would you do with $10,000 towards your business idea?

The UpDown

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The UpDown plans to single out the members whose imaginary portfolios show the best performance and use their strategies to manage a real stock fund seeded by Swiss angel investor Joachim Schoss.

Revenues from the fund will be used to operate the company and reward the top performers.


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This site is a investor social network that seems to base its portofolio data from stockalicious. It allows users to share their investments strategy, connect in groups, friends. You can post videos about trading and the markets. It seems to be quite small and recent.


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Welcome to Pertuity

At Pertuity, we believe that your financial life should be uncluttered and straight forward. Not spread thin, complicated, or uncertain. That’s why we give you access to unbiased financial tools and options and make the most useful financial information transparent and available to you – the consumer.

Why are we doing this? Because we are a band of consumers just like you! We recognize that we can achieve so much more than we currently are, with our hard earned money. Above and beyond the need for high quality service from our financial providers, we’ve grappled with some tough questions like:

• How do we make our dollars work harder to increase and maximize the return on our investments?
• How do we obtain the best possible interest rates?
• How do we access credible, fully transparent bank and credit card information?

We launched Pertuity with these thoughts in mind, and invite you to browse our site, learn more, and take the first step towards realizing your financial potential.

Read up on our blogs and visit our expert advice section for the latest thinking on financial matters. Try out our Dare to CompareSM widget for first-time insights. Make Pertuity your preferred portal to make your money work for you.

Remember to check back with us regularly, as we gear up towards our launch in early 2008; when we will bring to market a disruptive set of  products that will uncomplicate your life, simplify your money and free your dreams.


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