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To be launched in NZ, AUS, CAN

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Welcome to Your Bank.
You will soon be able to borrow or lend money directly with other people.
We'll be launching in the near future, stay tuned to our progress by entering your email address below.



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P2P Lending explosion

there seems to be an explosion of p2p lending sites and entities. I wonder what will emerge from this? I wonder if they'll suffer from the same default problems, and low ROI for lenders that Prosper appears to be suffering from?


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P2P Lending overcrowding

There is apparently a wealth of new sites on the subject, which can cause concern for the viability of most of them. Then, we do not have yet a real demonstration of the viability of the business model. We know that this can work with Zopa and Prosper, but don't know yet if this is sustainable. Interesting times anyhow

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