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Lendit. Where borrowers meet lenders.

Frustrated by low returns on your bank deposits? Sick and tired of having to beg the bank for money? Lendit puts people with money in touch with people, like them, that need money.

Cut out the fat cats. Lenders and borrowers win.


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Connecting Minds. Funding Ideas!


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Buy and sell shares from leading venture backed companies


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SecondMarket brings together buyers and sellers in the largest centralized, independent marketplace and auction platform for illiquid assets.


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How  it works

Neobanx enables you to connect with people you know for lending and borrowing money. We make lending between friends and family safe, professional, and mutually beneficial.

Our service handles the loan administration and legal documentation, automates payment transfers, and even provides access to insurances to cover your payments if something goes wrong.


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YES-secure.com, UK's first truly social network lending and borrowing web marketplace designed specifically for consumers in the UK will be launched shortly. The YES-secure web portal facilitates direct lending and borrowing between people, bypassing the banks.


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Crowdfunding creative projects and ideas

Australia’s 1st crowdfunding platform developed for creative individuals, groups and organisations


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Funding platform for entrepreneurs, artists, charities, journalists and inventors

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