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Hello guys. Just browsing

Hello guys. Just browsing around. I don't have a lot of time or technical knowledge to contribute to this project's creation, but I'll add in my 2 cents here or there whenever I can.

I have average experience with technical and fundamental analysis of companies/equities. My interest is in social stock investing with a goal of utilizing a portion of proceeds to assist fellow man.

You got some great ideas getting generated guys. I look forward to brainstorming with fellow investors.

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Welcome JZanti! Glad to see

Welcome JZanti! Glad to see you here, you input is highly valued...

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Hi jzanti


Please keep browsing at will and thank you for your feedback.

 When you mean social stock investing, do you mean investing in floated companies with a knowledge sharing component (what we call Social Trading) or do you mean investing in unlisted companies with a social goal (what we call either Microfinance or P2PVenture)?

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I thought I already

I thought I already responded..? Not sure if my response was removed or if i just didn't post it..

My interest is in finance, equities, etc. I like the Social Trading scene, but from what I can see, they are all utilizing their own funds while being a part of the think tank. I'm interested in a think tank that has a shared resource, while sharing profits with think tank members, as well as sharing with a predetermined cause.