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Hi, I accidentally read about yesterday's flashmeeting about a minute before it ended. sorry. Just listened to a part of the recording and made it here - my first contact with a Drupal site. Needs more testing. Bank and finance watch, yes. Well done.
eTerra-wiki: b&f-watch-wiki

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Welcome Mattis!

Would love to have your feedback about this site. Great to see you here!

Sam Rose
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Hi Mattis

Great having you paying a visit. Please test and comment. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Talk to you soon on a future flashmeeting.



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Also, as seen here http://bfwatch.flexrun.com/?q=admin/logs/event/365

I've run Cron. You'll want to set up Cron on your suerver to run cron.php in the drupal directory daily, so that indexes search. This first cron run indexed the search, so now when you search, you should see some results

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Clean Urls

as described here:


It is possible to have Drupal display clean urls instead of the "/?q=page" type-stuff. mod_rewrite module needs to be installed in Apache for this to happen, then, in Drupal Settings, you can run clean url's test and Drupal will do the rest.

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Any other changes needed?

Fred, sorry to be absent on this so far. Are their any other changes needed to this, or are you happy with the way that it is for now? Did you like the fields we created at http://prototype.barcampbank.com/ ?

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Let's get going

Hi Sam,

I think that we have already pretty much something that allows quite a lot with URL and Short description. I think that we have a good working basis with the categories, but we might have to refine them and possibly use hierachical categories, we'll see.

I've started thinking of programming things in PHP, like something that could automatically create a link to AboutUs, just by processing the URL field.

We can still improve menus and the general ergonomy. But this is an easy trial and error process using Drupal.

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Understood. I think what you have set up is good as far as the structureof entries goes. So, I'll jump in on helping to populate with content.

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A block showing "Recent entries"

I have duplicated content that was on FractalWiki. So we are all set for this part.

I'd like to have another section in the left bar showing "Recent entries". I probably won't have time today to really look into that. If you have an idea, feel welcome.

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Recent Entries Block Done! :)


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Great job Sam!

That's neat.

I have to learn php. I tried something yesterday but I ended up breaking the site and I had to remove the code in the database using sql. A nice surprise to see that your magic solved the pain.

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Code Snippets

'Twas PHP block code snippets...


Sam Rose
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