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web 2.0 facebook diligent to bank y finance

Today, there is a lot of emerging applications going trough changes, araising, or using web 2.0 technologies. The finance sector is looking forward to take these web 2.0 technologies and adapt them to its system. One of these web 2.0 technologies is FACEBOOK. What application can give the finance sector (banks) to this technology? What advantage can take banks from FACEBOOK?


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Vision :
Le logiciel Give1Get2 a été crée pour répondre au besoin de financement des agents économiques au niveau européen et mondial pour pouvoir financer, en autre chose, la recherche, l'éducation et l'innovation.
Ce logiciel est conçu pour construire un marché financier alternatif aux marchés financiers existants. Le logiciel est spécialisé dans la levée de fonds en ligne. Il facilite le libre échange dans l'économie internationale.
La plateforme ne prend pas de pourcentage sur les fonds qu'elle lève. En ce sens, une organisation qui l'utiliserait pourrait être du type “organisation non profitable”.

Objectif :
Faire un projet pilote (fonctionnel, gratuit dans sa mise en place, légal, disponible (7/7j, 24/24h) et reposant sur une situation gagnant-gagnant) d'une plateforme de trading internationale (FSX) à partir d'une API de paiement (Moneybookers) et d'un progiciel financier libre (FreePay) pour permettre d'augmenter le solde des participants. (+1 Euro à chaque fois)


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To be launched end of Sept. 2007



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It would be nice to syndicate comments as well. If a new post hits an already posted topic, it appears that it doesn't syndicate. Unless I"m missing something? I.e. my recent comments on already established topics.


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Nexx p2p lending for New Zealand (to be launched).

 Excerpt from site:

 Nexx will be New Zealand's online marketplace for social lending. We'll allow people to lend and borrow directly with each other, without greedy banks and unpredictable finance companies in the middle.

In other words, Nexx will revolutionise finance in New Zealand.



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Lendit. Where borrowers meet lenders.

Frustrated by low returns on your bank deposits? Sick and tired of having to beg the bank for money? Lendit puts people with money in touch with people, like them, that need money.

Cut out the fat cats. Lenders and borrowers win.

Welcome to B&F Watch Forum

This is the first post on B&F Watch. Please use this forum to exchange views on new trends in banking and finance, and discuss about different startups adressing new markets or filling standard needs in a new way.



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by James Gardner

What Indexes would you like to see on B&F Watch?

Previously, we had talked about creating "indexes" where people can rate different values and factors. So, I'm starting this item to pose the question: What indexes would you like to see?

Some ideas include

  • "Pinko" index, are way to rate businesses based upon how they engage their communities of customers, developers, employees, investors, and the world in general from a marketing perspective. There would probably be several different factors that would be combined to create a pinko "rating". What should those factors be?
  • Bay Bucks

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    A successful Michigan, USA based venture to create a local paper currency.