BankStatic Master Feed

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The trimmed down version of the BankStatic All Star Feed

BankStatic All Star Feed

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An RSS feed aggregated a collection of posts on banking (mostly retail and payments)


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Discover organization relations
Make more strategic donations
Promote more financial transparancy between different forms of (related) organizations

The motivation behind Donorge is to grow the ability to transparently support ideas and creation, either localized or connected around the world. What is supported inside Donorge is what you support and what in turn those ideas and creations you support support. This allows for there being more transparency and potential effectiveness at the resource layer of organizations and their voluntary contributed resources.


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b&f-watch-wiki: wiki-node

to start:

the b&f-watch-wiki in center-wikis:

Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS)

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Fee based web payments system for web and mobile application developers. "Flexible" means that it allows a wide array of arrangements and payment types. Possibly suitable for a "P2PMoney" system...

Home Equity Share

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The idea is to have an online community currency. (Or, hundreds of them.) Joining LETS and GETS by doing


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Budgeting software from lets you create a household or personal budget.

Social Synergy

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Open Business and P2P Finance consulting